The Three Reasons America Is At an Epochal Crossroads

The Three Reasons America Is At an Epochal Crossroads

Why fewer states than ever could pick the next president

Donald Trump is about to take over the presidency at an ominous time, when an American government at war in a very distant land and at a time of profound economic discontent is facing a severe risk of collapse. The United States is not merely at war, but is on the verge of losing the “hearts and minds” of the American people to something much more destructive.

For these three reasons America is at an epochal crossroads. The time for caution is over. The time for action is upon us.

First the war in Afghanistan. If it’s not contained or defeated, it will lead to a civil war, creating a breeding ground for Islamic terror, where terrorists may exploit this civil war to carry out attacks on American soil. A civil war would be a disaster for the United States, but even more so for the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East that have become the major targets of jihadist violence.

Second, America faces a serious economic crisis resulting from low pay, soaring debt, and the foreclosure of millions of homes.

Third, America is now in the midst of a profound ideological movement, to the left of the Democrat Party, which has a strong presence in the Democratic Party. President Obama, who was elected on the slogan, “change we can believe in,” has become increasingly radical.

All of this poses a very serious threat to the American economy, which is already in deep recession. The danger is that America could enter a financial crisis, possibly a double-dip recession that would be even more severe than the one we just exited in the 2008 financial crisis.

In all three cases, an interventionist foreign policy could bring about disaster for the United States and create an even worse crisis, as we find out when the next president takes office.

The danger is that we could see a third, and even longer-term crisis. The U.S. economy is already in a deep depression, and the prospects for a second, even deeper, recession are extremely daunting

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