Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the Author of “The Walking Dead”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the Author of “The Walking Dead”

‘Walking’ and talking: An oral history of ‘The Walking Dead’


The Los Angeles Times, L.A.

Friday, Sept. 15, 2013

There is an old saying in the entertainment business: “Any publicity is good publicity.” On this point, “The Walking Dead” is undoubtedly correct.

At first glance, the first season of the new “Walking Dead” seems to be a series of small, unimportant episodes. They are just that. But a look behind the scenes reveals a much different reality.

“The Walking Dead” is the brainchild of Robert Kirkman, whose story “Dune” was the driving force behind “The Walking Dead.” But the true author is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who wrote the original “Ember,” which starred Shannen Doherty.

It was Morgan who took the idea for both series and created “The Walking Dead.” He is credited with developing the concept of a group of people stranded in modern day America, trapped in their own world by the zombie apocalypse.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“Jeff Dean Morgan is not a writer. He is a creative force,” Kirkman said. “He is an actor, and I’m not saying that I’m an actor, but, you know, I have a creative bone in my body. I am a writer, but he’s been a creative force for so long and is a genius. He’s a brilliant writer. He is a brilliant storyteller, and he can create compelling stories.”

For this very reason, it was Morgan who was the right man for the job. In his case, it was the story “Dune” that allowed him the exposure to Hollywood. He has had a career that has stretched over more than 25 years, so he has seen a lot of changes in society and in life. There will be some differences, but he feels that he is part of a very small club.

“Jeff Dean Morgan has been a part of the Hollywood machine for a very long time,” Kirkman said. “He knows the process. He knows how things are done. He’s seen it all. He’s in tune

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