LADWP is giving residents free cash when they tear out their lawns

LADWP is giving residents free cash when they tear out their lawns

Tear out your lawn, get more free cash. LADWP ups rebates for customers

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LA Metro’s Department of Water and Power wants to add more free money to your lawn.

LADWP has just announced that it will be giving residents free cash from its rebate program when they tear out their lawns.

LA City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell said, “This is in addition to the $1,500 we’re already giving. We’ll be adding a $500 rebate for homeowners who need to take down their lawns.”

The LA Department of Water and Power also wants to cut your water bill.

Councilman O’Farrell added, “It’s a program that’s already in place, but we’re going to double [it] and make it free for the first year.”

The agency doesn’t have a set number of lawns that qualify for the rebate program, but O’Farrell said it’s typically around 500.

It costs $80 to tear out your lawn, regardless of whether it’s commercial or residential. The city offers it under a $500 flat fee.

LA resident Mike Ruggles said he tore out a lot of his yard and was surprised when he found out he was being offered a rebate of $500.

Ruggles said, “I don’t really have time to do anything. They’ll probably do it in the next few months and have it up and running by early spring. I don’t really think I’ll be doing anything.”

If you can’t tear out your yard, you can apply to be a customer of the LA Metro Department of Water and Power. The city has also extended another rebate program to commercial customers that have to

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