The Furry Friends are a Christian group

The Furry Friends are a Christian group

Letters to the Editor: Rodeos terrorize animals. You don’t have to be a ‘Marxist’ to see that

The “riding for Jesus” movement is not all it was cracked up to be. That’s why the Animal Liberation Front is here, and the Furry Friends group would certainly be happy if you gave them a hand.

This is not the first time I’ve had to be on the alert against a supposed Christian-like movement whose goal was to kill, torture, mutilate and maim animals for an end that I don’t think they really want. The Furry Friends in my village want to kill cats, rabbits and other small mammals. Some may even kill small birds and monkeys. They do not have permission to kill them — and, even if they did, it would not be legal.

The Furry Friends are a Christian movement founded on love for all things furry and cat. They do not believe that cats are “good for the environment” and that animals cause global warming because of all the fur they shed. They do not believe that you could ever make a blanket that would work. They don’t believe in the existence of a God, or a universe.

They advocate torturing and murdering all animals who disagree with them. The biggest issue is that they kill “pets” like dogs — pets that are not suitable for killing. They don’t do anything to the dogs except give them a name. They kill dogs by name. A dog was not born to his name on a leash but was bought and bred for the purpose of being mutilated and dissected for his organs.

This is not a Christian group; it is a group of animals who want to see animals killed — and not just dogs and cats. Their leader is a man who wears a fur coat and calls himself a “Christian.” I don’t think he was born with a Christian name but he was always a man to be feared. His name is Chris Pearson.

I first saw his name and “I Am The Light” on the cover of the January/February issue of “Furry

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