How to Use Your Old Winter Coat for Something New

How to Use Your Old Winter Coat for Something New

Your Challenge? Turn an Old Rug Into a New Fall Jacket.

It’s no secret: It’s cold outside this week. Even with our recent warm, humid spring, the temps are well below season. This means that your favorite winter apparel has to wait until summertime arrives with all its warmth, comfort, and fashion. But, since we’re the proud owners of a very comfortable and warm-weather-ready coat from the beginning of November until about two weeks ago, how about using your old, worn-out coat for something new?

Now, I’m not about to tell you to buy a new winter coat. At least not yet. However, if you have a coat that is still in good condition – one that, from your personal experiences and observations, has always been a warm-weather staple, even when it is not as warm and dry as you need it to be in order to enjoy the sport of skiing and/or snowboarding, then here’s a challenge for you: What have you been wearing before? Or, if you don’t own a winter coat, what would you like to add to your current one? Could it be a scarf? A hoodie knit? A mitt? A scarf knitted for you? A coat knitted for you that would allow you to wear those old boots that you simply don’t care to wear now?

Take a look and see if there is something you would like to add to your now-stale coat.

If you have more than one coat that could easily be used for the purpose, you could consider combining them into one. For example, combining an outer coat from your old winter coat with a wool knit scarf from your winter coat would make a very stylish ensemble.

Or, if you have several coats that are in good condition but worn for a variety of different sports, you could create a variety of different outfits with some combination of the coats. The two most

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