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The Man Who Left The Restaurant

The Man Who Left The Restaurant

This restaurant runs with no trash cans. ‘It’s the right thing to do’ ‘You have a choice’ ‘I’d have to choose between you and them’…’If you do that, you don’t get into the building.’… ‘Can we go to another restaurant instead?’ ‘Maybe we can try to get some work out of it.’… ‘I want to go and get some dinner.’… ‘I would love to eat somewhere nicer and more exciting. What’s good about this one?’ ‘Well, it’s just a corner.’… ‘If it’s like most restaurants in this city (where else, do you suppose?) this place is not good. But for this evening, I’ll pay. I was just trying to come up with something a little nicer to look at. You know, it’s like this. “What if I asked you to do something like this?” “Well, I could do something like this” (a kind of a smile)… “I wouldn’t take such a job for anything in the world…”‘ All these people who had no idea what a real dinner was, who were happy to give these’satisfied customers’ an excuse to be bored, to feel a little excited about the job they were doing when they were talking about having to buy something from a shop, were not very happy. When they were not busy, they took their time.

I did not know it was the case for the rest of the evening, but this man did not take the opportunity to become bored or excited, but rather the opposite: he became bored and excited. In his excitement, however, he was not able to enjoy the meal he was buying. The restaurant was so bad that he was not able to sit quietly and quietly enjoy it. The restaurant was so bad that the restaurant owner had to come over and tell him what he had just said! But since the man came across in just such a state of excitement as was described above, he left.

The next evening, the man came over again. This time there was no reason for him to leave. The restaurant was good. The owner greeted him warmly. Since they had not come across in just such a state as earlier, they also came across warmly

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