Why Does This List Matter?

Why Does This List Matter?

3 reasons why Herschel Walker matters as an all-time great!

What makes an All-Time Great?

How do we determine who made the league’s greatest players? In our sports fandom, we follow a person to their team and then back to those who influenced their success. As a result, our list will have a few superstars and many others who were more than that — in this case, the All-Time Greats.

We try to keep it simple. One or two things separated the All-Time Greats from their contemporaries and we made our choices based on those. We have not included the top 2 percent of basketball players, or the top 5 percent of football players or baseball players. Those groups have won the league championships and the money. We simply focus on the All-Time Greats who won the title for those reasons.

Now, as you read this list, you cannot help but ask yourself some simple questions.

Why does this list even matter?

We think it’s a great question. So, why does this matter?

A little over a year ago, we decided to make a list of the best players ever. There was an awful lot of controversy at the time. Why were we doing this? Why were we doing it on a regular basis? Why were we writing about basketball players and talking about their achievements and not the other way around?

It did not matter to us. We knew it was a list — we wanted to be able to choose who made the list. So, we needed a criterion that would be simple and, at the same time, would indicate how important a player was to the franchise and the sport.

For the last five years, we have put together the list and people have done the polls, and the people have taken the poll results, and it has been a very interesting discussion. We wanted to do this for a few reasons.

To this day, we are proud to have the list. It is great for us and we are proud to have our list.

To some, it felt necessary to have a list to maintain the integrity of the league and our sport. To some, it feels a little bit like we are keeping score in the NBA and the NFL that we are talking about basketball players and never football players or baseball players. That is very boring and in a way, sad. But we want to

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