Denise Richards appeared in court for the first time since the fatal shooting

Denise Richards appeared in court for the first time since the fatal shooting

Denise Richards uninjured after ‘terrifying’ road-rage shooting in Los Angeles

She and her partner drove to her job at a movie studio in West Hollywood, where they met with a third passenger — the owner of a car dealership who offered them a $60K loan.

That’s when Denise Richards claims the unthinkable happened. She opened fire in their Mercedes, fatally shooting her ex-husband and passenger while her friend’s car went up in flames.

Prosecutors say it was Richards’ partner who started the fire after a heated argument with his ex-wife.

But Denise Richards and her partner said in court on Tuesday that it was Richards who pulled the trigger. They said that when the car caught fire, her partner opened fire on the other two.

The 36-year-old appeared in court at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse in San Bernardino on Tuesday for the first time since the deadly road-rage shooting.

‘She has nothing to do with this at all,’ said the victim’s ex-wife, Patricia Jones, who is suing the former couple for $10 million. She and her husband Robert Jones were in the passenger seat of their black Mercedes when Denise Richards opened fire with her.380-calibre weapon.

Denise Richards fired two shots, killing her former husband and passenger, and injuring her friend.

‘I don’t believe she’s even responsible for it,’ said the victim’s ex-wife.

Patricia Jones said she was driving the first leg of a trip and that the two had had a dispute when Richards fired at her husband and friend with a.380-calibre pistol.

The bullets wounded Robert Jones, who later died at the scene, and she was not hurt.

When Patricia Jones saw the smoke, she stopped trying to drive away.

Jones left her job on the set of a movie after the shooting, and Denise Richards is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence.

She made her first court appearance on Tuesday, looking noticeably frazzled as she sat in a wheelchair behind a security guard who watched over her as she was escorted into the courthouse by sheriff’s deputies, California Highway Patrol officers and security personnel.

She wore a bright red jail jumpsuit and a bright green striped vest. She could not remember the gun that she used to kill her husband and friend.

In a statement that she read to the court, Denise Richards, from her prison cell

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